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Friday, 5 March 2021

Mantras to make your cooking perfect and more delicious

 They were wise and always asked for the best with their goal set on the highest level of spiritual consciousness, so they said “Divine mother if you bless us, then please bless us with nothing less than the best. The best is that we too become divine and perfected, so give as food those qualities that will make us divine. Please give us perfection in our deeds (so that our prayers are perfected), non attachment and divine knowledge. (Gyan in the spiritual context means knowledge of the absolute truth or of god.)” This shlok has been taken from the famous stotra known as the Annapurna stotram written by Shankracharya.

  1. Annpurne sada purne shankar pran vallabhe |

Gyan vairagya siddhiartham bhiksham dehi ch parvati ||

You divine mother Annpurna who is the energy and life force of the lord Shankar|

Please divine mother Parvati, as food, give us perfection in our deeds, non-attachment (desirelessness) and divine knowledge (God/Self-realisation)||

The second shlok that is usually said before meals is taken from the Bhagvat Gita. It maintains a similar level of consciousness. The shlok is as follows:

  1. Brahma arpanam, Brahma havir, Brahma agnau, Brahmanah hutam| Brahmaiv tein gantavyam, brahma karma samadhina|| Bhagvad Gita 4:24||

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